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Why are we doing the "Outreach Through the Art" program?
Our outreach program aims to enhance understanding of the marine environment by utilizing a significant amount of original visual material.

Beginning Our Adventure in the Metaverse
Transforming the way children and adolescents learn about the environment using immersive virtual realms. Please click the zooming icon (+) on the upper right of each artwork to read messages.
Ecological Artist Naoko Otsuka - Ecological Artist Naoko Otsuka - Coral whisper thumbnail  Coral Whisper
"Coral Whisper" is an iconic art series that represents ecological preservation crafted from bleached corals and exemplifies our approach to conservation, which we term "©Ecorallogical."
Ecological Artist Naoko Otsuka - Ocean Energy thumbnail Ocean Energy
Children are more interested in marine issues when they see fanciful fish with fun, colorful designs that spark their imaginations.
Ecological Artist Naoko Otsuka - Patchy Bird thumbnail Patchy Bird
We created "Pachy Bird" as an archetypal character that conjures images of a prosperous and sustainable lifestyle.
Ecological Artist Naoko Otsuka - Wave of Univers thumbnail Wave of Univers
"Wave of Universe" aim to teach youngsters that we may consider ourselves to be small beings in a corner of the earth, but that by acting to improve the environment, we play a significant role in protecting the space environment.
Ecological Artist Naoko Otsuka - The Eye thumbnail The Eye
The "One Big Eye" art series is a metaphor for a large heart, unconditional love, and a sustainable and peaceful lifestyle.
Ecological Artist Naoko Otsuka - Blog Naoko Otsuka Ecological Art Jurnal thumbnail Blog: Naoko Otsuka Ecological Art Jurnal 
When creating works of art for children and adolescents that address environmental challenges and ecological issues, we are always considering new methods how efficiently deliver our messages through art.
Ecological Artist Naoko Otsuka - Other Project thumbnail Other Priject 
Naoko-Art performs a variety of functions, including content creation, production, and design of art materials for an online educational program for children about marine environmental conservation.
Ecological Artist Naoko Otsuka - About Artist thumbnail About Artist
Naoko Art will continue to utilize our website platform and other online media to promote "Outreach through Art" which encourages people to take action to conserve the marine environment.
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Naoko Art は、2004年以来独自のウェブサイトのプラットフォームやその他のオンラインメディアを活用し、海洋環境保全のための行動を促す「アートによるアウトリーチ」を推進しています。
Email: naoko art ・ Lake Stevens, WA, U.S.

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