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wave of universe
Since its inception some 13.8 billion years ago, the universe has persistently expanded and reshaped itself, birthing novel forms in an ongoing cosmic vibrant. "Wave of Universe," an art installation, captures the quintessence of this expansive metamorphosis, symbolizing a future teeming with promise and potential fueled by the vital force of cosmic genesis.
Naoko Otsuka Ecoart
These celestial pipelines nourish the globe, embodying the perpetual interplay between the cosmic expanse and our shared existence.
Naoko Otsuka Ecoart
The artwork illustrates the inherent connectivity in the cosmos by drawing inspiration from the profoundly harmonious coexistence of diverse species and their environments. Wherever biodiversity is well protected, much water and vegetation are present.
Naoko Otsuka Ecoart
Don't let our universe corrode.
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