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Message from the Artist

Naoko Otsuka Ecological Artist

The mission of Naoko-Art is to educate the children about the reality of the marine environment by utilizing a high volume of visual resources. For people of all ages, visually input memory is proven in neuroscience that messages are more swiftly and stay longer than written language.
As an ecological artist, I wish to inspire children and young adults worldwide to learn about the current situation of the ocean ecosystem through artwork that communicates clearly.
Nature energizes us, educates us, and embraces us. In exchange, we must preserve, defend, and most importantly, respect our magnificent natural environment. We will continue to utilize our website platform and other online media to promote "Outreach through Art" that motivates people to take action to conserve the marine environment and coastal resources based on our accomplishments thus far.

Naoko Otsuka
Director of “Save Ocean Eco-System Through Art”
Media Art Director of "Islands4Kids.org"
Media Art Director of "Marin-Debris.org"
Media Art Director of "Miyakojima-Kidsnet.org"
What is the “Coral Whispers” Program?

These ecological art activities started in 2004 to preserve the decreasing marine life and coastal assets of remote islands. According to one study from the International Small Island Developing Conference, unique seashells and corals are rapidly depleted due to buying spree of tourists as souvenirs. As we conducted the Beach Ecology Protection Program, we advised applying the digital visualization of beach assets to make new inventive gift items, not selling actual seashells and corals. These unique and iconic characters created from bleached coral and seashells washed ashore are our iconic symbols to promote this global campaign for small islands to continue developing without losing precious natural assets.

Our concept has been well recognized by UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and has been introduced at international conferences.

Please CLICK HERE to see our activity page.

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Email: art-studio@naoko-art.com Naoko-Art ・Lake Stevens, WA, U.S.

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